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  Patrick Sanders Assistant Principal

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Central High Tri-C Main Office:
(213) 745-1901

Behavior, Attendance, and Academic Contracts

Central High/Tri-C now has school-wide Behavior, Attendance, and Academic Contracts. Click here to view, review, and download each individual BehaviorAttendance, and Academic Contract. 

Asst. Principal - Patrick Sanders

Central High and Tri-C Bell Schedules

All Central High School and Tri-C sites have bell schedules which are aligned with state and district instructional requirements. These schedules are consistent from site to site within each school; Central High School has a total of 240 minutes of instructional time each day, and Tri-C has a total of 360 instructional minutes. To see the official Central High/Tri-C Bell Schedule, click here

 Administrative Responsibilities

The Central High School/Tri-C administrative team has developed a clearly defined set of roles and responsibilities. This allows everyone to know specific areas covered by each administrator. For a list of these responsibilities, click here.

Administrator Site Assignments

Each Central High/Tri-C administrator is assigned specific sites to provide support and oversight. To see the list of site assignments, click here.