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Behavior, Attendance, and Academic Contracts

Central High/Tri-C now has school-wide Behavior, Attendance, and Academic Contracts. Click here to view, review, and download each individual BehaviorAttendance, and Academic Contract. 

Asst. Principal, Secondary Counseling Services (APSCS) - Victoria C. Rodriguez

APSCC Victoria Rordriguez

Central High and Tri-C Bell Schedules

All Central High School and Tri-C sites have bell schedules which are aligned with state and district instructional requirements. These schedules are consistent from site to site within each school; Central High School has a total of 240 minutes of instructional time each day, and Tri-C has a total of 360 instructional minutes. To see the official Central High/Tri-C Bell Schedule, click here.

Administrative Responsibilities

The Central High School/Tri-C administrative team has developed a clearly defined set of roles and responsibilities. This allows everyone to know specific areas covered by each administrator. To see the list of responsibilities, click here.

Administrator Site Assignments

Each Central High/Tri-C administrator is assigned specific sites to provide support and oversight. To see the list of site assignments, click here.

Individualized Graduation Plan

When a student enrolls at Central High or Tri-C CDS, our school counselor works with the student and parent to develop an Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP). The plan outlines the courses needed to complete all LAUSD requirements and earn a diploma.  Click here to see the current IGP form. Click here to see the AB 216 IGP form.