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Mission and Vision

Core Values, Mission, Vision, and Learner Outcomes

Core Values

Core Values represent the fundamental beliefs of Central High School Tri-C CDS. They are the guiding principles that direct our behavior and action. Core Values help us to know if we are fulfilling our promise as a community of learners, and guide our understanding of the school’s mission and vision.

The Core Values of Central High Tri-C are:

  • Student Success – Given support and instruction, every student can succeed. Each student must set individualized goals and have a learning plan to reach these goals. This is done in collaboration with school, community, and home.
  • Environment – Students need a safe learning environment with an excellent and caring staff that supports genuine academic discourse.
  • Innovation – Unique circumstances require innovative schools. Central High Tri-C is designed to support academic and personal growth for students who have been unsuccessful in a conventional school setting.
  • Rigor - Central High Tri-C teachers address classroom academic needs through engaging, meaningful, direct instruction. We work to foster student depth of knowledge and higher-order thinking skills.
  • Collaboration – Shared decision-making at Central High Tri-C encourages both innovation and a commitment to common goals. Similarly, collaborative professional development supports ongoing teacher growth in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.


Central High School Tri-C CDS is a Los Angeles Unified School District multi-site, district-wide dropout prevention and credit recovery school. We welcome all students into a safe, supportive academic environment.

Central High Tri-C CDS provides a rigorous, individualized, standards-based instructional program. We believe that all students have the potential to succeed academically and in society. Our mission is to prepare students for college and career readiness through the teaching and application of 21st century skills, to assist in the development of appropriate social and decision-making proficiencies, and to support our youth in becoming self-motivated, persistent, contributing members of our global community.



In partnership with home and community, Central High School Tri-C CDS will enable our students to become healthy, self-motivated, productive, lifelong learners. A Central High Tri-C CDS graduate’s academic and interpersonal skills will contribute to their home environment and our global society.

We will offer students:

  • A relevant, student-centered academic program using valid, research-based instruction;
  • Dedicated and highly qualified personnel who are uniquely suited and trained to address the demands of our continuation school environment;
  • Collaboration between parents, students, faculty, resource providers, counselors, classified staff, and administrators; and
  • Alignment of our curriculum and instruction to meet individual student needs, while incorporating state learning standards.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Central High School Tri-C CDS graduates will be college and career ready. They will:

  • Know how to weigh ideas, evaluate, analyze, and reach conclusions;
  • Frame their own thoughts with evidence and examples;
  • Extend their own thinking and that of others;
  • Know how to think independently, while working collaboratively;
  • Be aware of personal strengths, challenges, lifestyle requirements, career interests, and have realistic job goals and expectations;
  • Contribute to the economic, social, and political well-being of their local and global community;
  • Persevere and persist in the face of adversity, challenge, and change.